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Options are great, but how to navigate thru all of them to find the ones that YOU like best, and don't cost a ton...

About Us

Want to be the person who can pick a good bottle of wine that isn't expensive? I’m Mark Rizzuto founder of WineKnow. With over 20 years wine & spirits industry experience, i've got lots of fun and applicable knowledge to share. I host many different 2 hour wine tastings/seminars - from the Introductory Event to more Advanced Events. You can learn the basics and identify your favorite style(s), or delve deep into a category passion. Guests are amazed how much they learn, especially given how much fun they have doing so.


WineKnow events are as affordable as they are fun, making them great events for your good friends, customers, book or poker groups, business practice partners, etc.  Over 90% of population knows nothing about wine. But most wish they did...   

Wineknow events are throughout the Front Range and completely turnkey.  You provide the space, period. 

Wine Knowledge learned easily

In our events we taste 6 different wines to help identify the wine aspects we're discussing and the aspects and styles you prefer.  And we cover topics like:   

MOST COMMONLY USED WORDS in the wine world

TIPS and SUGGESTIONS for: drinking (better), buying (more affordably), aging wine (successfully), decanting, collecting, food and wine pairing, navigating wine stores and restaurant lists to always fined what you like, and more. (All also while tasting similar artisan quality Italian Olive Oil and the best bread in Denver.)


We email you the WineKnow Top Red and White Grape Charts plus our Top Grapes/Options Tables (all included) so you'll always have WineKnow knowlege to view - in a store, at a restaurant, with friends. 

Bottom Line: Save money while entertaining better

More expensive isn't always better.  While entertaining guests at home or at a restaurant with clients,  you and your sales teams can save money knowing the many more affordable options your guests will love.    


It's easy to hold an event

Find out how!

Seminars include and per person costs are:

Introductory Seminar $45, Red Wines $45, White Wines $45, Seasonal Wines $45,  Advanced General Seminar $60, Advanced Old World $60, Advanced New World $60.  We can also create a specific event; Cabernets, Big Italian, Champagne vs Sparkling, etc.

WineKnow Wine Tastings/Seminars

1094 South Race Street, Denver, CO 80209, US

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Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: By appointment

Sunday: Closed